Cherry Blossom Girls

If anyone was wondering where half the population of Toronto went today, the answer is High Park. Although we had in mind a beautiful photo shoot with ourselves against an endless backdrop of cherry blossom trees, that was an unrealistic expectation we quickly realized once we got there! It was hard to find a patch of grass to photograph let alone an entire tree. None the less, WHAT a beautiful weekend! May 5th and we were already outside enjoying the scorching heat. Luckily we could cool off by this ravine and later quench our thirst on a rooftop patio with a pitcher of strawberry and peach sangria. Sunday never tasted so sweet!

Dayle: Top: vintage, shorts: levi's, necklace: Zara, sandals and sunglasses: Aldo
Kendra: Top: H&M, shorts: Nastygal, necklace: Forever21, sandals: Zara, sunglasses: Topshop

Thompson Hotel

It's official. Torontonians have emerged from hibernation and are now polluting the streets. Showing off pale skin in short/tee combos (possibly a little prematurely) is now a thing. We rushed down to King St W after work today to enjoy the warm breeze and a summer-ish atmosphere that was flooding the streets. Neither of us had ever been to the Thompson Hotel rooftop (how?) so we decided we'd pop in for a visit and maybe a Pinot Grigio or two. The overall layout was spectacular for an evening, post-work beverage. Although the outdoor pool portion was closed, we could envision a fantastic photo shoot occurring there in the foreseeable future. For a list of top ten rooftop patios in Toronto, this one makes the cut! 

As far as outfit details go, let us just say that this Zara skort has had an elongated waiting time in both of our closets. Naturally, the first day it was above -20 degrees outside it made it's first appearance. Kendra's matching ensemble is a favourite and also has a unique story of it's own. The Topshop jacket was a purchase from the UK store a while back and coincidentally Wilfred made shorts out of the exact same material. Okay, not that unique but still, magic! We love this combination. 
DAYLE: Top: h&m, skort: Zara, necklace: Freedom Jewelry, sandals: Zara, watch: Michael Kors, sunglasses: Aldo
KENDRA: Jacket: Topshop, sweater: Ben Sherman, shorts: Wilfred, shoes: Zara, sunglasses: Cheap Monday


KENDRA: I recently returned from a short stint in Seattle! I had visited before with my family when I was younger, although I remembered nothing about it other than doing an underground passageway tour (I was 8... these are the things that stick out in young minds). I went back last year for the first time since then, and turned out to be so pleasantly surprised to be reintroduced to the city. It's beautiful! You get the mountains on one side, the ocean on the other, and sandwiched in between is this lovely city with great shopping, cool little restaurants, and incredibly friendly people. So, this year, when I returned again, I knew to expect good things! I was not disappointed. Unlike Toronto, Seattle seemed to actually be experiencing a season known as spring. Who knew it still existed?! Blossoms and leaves and flowers were plentiful in this west coast city. Although my free time was extremely limited, I managed to pop down to Pike Place Market and then do a quick tour of the Barney's, All Saints, and Forever 21 stores, as well as literally run through Nordstrom's flagship location while grabbing items left right and centre. Pretty sure I panicked the salesgirl who was helping me; she could sense my frenzy. After so much dashing around, hitting the hay in the comfiest king bed ever was blissful before a super early flight the next morning! Seattle, thanks for charming me yet again!

Shoo Bloggers!

This evening the forecast was predicted to be a little warmer and sunnier than it actually turned out to be, so we kept it close to home yet again! We went on a little jaunt around the Spadina and St. Clair area, and wound up in quite an affluent neighbourhood nearby. We did a little house hunting (we wish), marvelled at the neighbourhood's perfect view of both the CN Tower and the castle, and took a couple of outfit pictures. The houses were all so spectacular and impressive that, naturally, we thought they would make the best backdrops! The fear of the homeowners discovering us getting up close and personal with their properties was the only thing standing in our way. "SHOO BLOGGERS, SHOO!" they would cry as we cowered away. We could envision it all too well, so we kept our distance!
We were both favouring looks based around trousers today, although we styled them in more laid-back ways than usual. Just add a beanie or a slouchy sweater and suddenly some standard slacks take on a whole new feeling. Mesh, crop tops, and studded/fringed booties allowed for further informality!
Dayle- Sweater: Brandy Melville, top: Topshop, pants: H&M, belt: vintage, boots: vintage
Kendra - Beanie: H&M, top: vintage, pants: Topshop, boots, Zara

Holy Oak

Wednesday's can be so bittersweet. The dreariness of Monday and Tuesday still linger, but off in the distance there is a light called the weekend. 

We met in Bloordale after two extremely boring days of work for an evening bevvy and some vintage shopping. When we came out of the subway we were looking for the nearest establishment to sell us a drink and luckily it was the Holy Oak Cafe (1241 Bloor St W). Don't you just love when you stumble upon a hidden gem in a totally random neighbourhood? This place was decked out with wooden tables, mismatching chairs, beautiful local artwork, an old oak piano, chalkboards and a great bar
stocked with all local beers. So after one, two, or maybe three (who's counting?) we went to Vintage Depot two doors down. This is one of our favourite thrift shops in Toronto. Dayle left with a pair of pale grey suede fringed boots and Kendra found a cognac coloured leather patchwork bucket bag with whip-stitching and braiding (yes, that whole description was necessary).
On the street side we snapped some shots. The sun was going down just at the right moment and they turned out to be something spectacular. A little light at the end of the weekday tunnel. 
Kendra: Top: Zara, jeans: Current/Elliott, boots: Topshop, rings: Forever 21 and H&M, necklace: Maison Scotch

Tomorrow Should Be Ours

So we've ventured out to Toronto's most central station (Bay) for a day in the sun. Yorkville is always a refreshing afternoon adventure in the early Spring months. The cobblestone streets, parks and buildings just supply us with endless possibilities for adorable backdrops. Sunflower mailboxes? Come on... Be more perfect. Underneath it all, we found a wonderful mural that read "Tomorrow should be ours." It was all too perfect. So we put on our favourite items for the upcoming season and sported them in this new post. Enjoy, we did!
DAYLE: Blazer: H&M, top: vintage, jeans: Zara, shoes: Zara, necklace: Forever 21, sunglasses: Ray Ban
KENDRA: Vest: Topshop, tank: H&M, pants: Forever 21, shoes: Topshop, sunglasses: Topshop, bag: Alexander Wang

Austin Terrace

We're back at the castle (and surrounding area) yet again! We can't resist... it's too perfect of a backdrop and unthinkably convenient. Today was an absolutely perfect Good Friday, especially in terms of weather. We were completely comfy in our light spring outerwear. We took a wander around the neighbourhood and found ourselves at the stables, which also belong to the castle but are located around the corner from it. It's great that you can live so close to some places and still be pleasantly surprised once you start exploring them. We discovered little gardens, a pathway, and our lovely floral mural backdrop. Clearly bright colours have found their way back into our ensembles! We're seriously feeling bright blue and neon orange paired with black & white right now. This preview of spring was so blissful.. can't wait to share more!
DAYLE: Blazer: vintage, top: Topshop, shoes: Zara, sunglasses: Ray Ban, neckalce: H&M
KENDRA: Jacket: sample sale, sweater: vintage, skirt: Zara, boots: Forever 21, sunglasses: Cheap Monday, necklace: Forever 21