Atmospheric mirrored prints, ruffles, punchy oranges and blues, and absolutely STUNNING leathers.
Camilla and Marc celebrated their 10th anniversary as a brand during this past fashion week, and what a perfect collection to rejoice with! Gold sequin pants? That's a party-starter if we've ever seen one.
Always one of our favourites, and this collection was no different. Obsessing over the laid-back silhouettes (sweatshirts, loose shorts, tees) in luxe fabrics. And don't even get us STARTED on the flounce-ankle heels. Think we could DIY em?
Kahlo keeps their trademark leather pieces so fresh and interesting season after season. Crocodile textures, interlocking top-and-skirt sets, and a hint of indigo denim in a 3-piece matching set were the standouts for us.


One of our absolute favourites from the entire week, hands down! Shakuhachi seems to embody the quintessential Australian sense of style, which must be why we tend to always gravitate towards it! This collection showed stunning dresses and jackets covered with colourful floral explosions. We also love the sunglasses, and the bikini top (which is pictured twice, both backstage and on the runway!) is just too cool. 


Acne buttondown, Shakuhachi Acid Bloom dress, Topshop bra
3 new pieces that are making us quietly weep for summer and the opportunity to wear these... ESPECIALLY the dress.... Shakuhachi we love you. The other two items pictured are a classic Acne button-down with raw edges from Toronto's TNT boutique during their end-of-season sale, and a lovely Topshop triangle bra that looks like the ocean with its watercolour pattern. We're anticipating sunlight and warmth and to be outdoors again. Next year we should just skip winter all together and head down under to Australia where it will be summer. We already worship every clothing label from there anyway...