KENDRA: I recently returned from a short stint in Seattle! I had visited before with my family when I was younger, although I remembered nothing about it other than doing an underground passageway tour (I was 8... these are the things that stick out in young minds). I went back last year for the first time since then, and turned out to be so pleasantly surprised to be reintroduced to the city. It's beautiful! You get the mountains on one side, the ocean on the other, and sandwiched in between is this lovely city with great shopping, cool little restaurants, and incredibly friendly people. So, this year, when I returned again, I knew to expect good things! I was not disappointed. Unlike Toronto, Seattle seemed to actually be experiencing a season known as spring. Who knew it still existed?! Blossoms and leaves and flowers were plentiful in this west coast city. Although my free time was extremely limited, I managed to pop down to Pike Place Market and then do a quick tour of the Barney's, All Saints, and Forever 21 stores, as well as literally run through Nordstrom's flagship location while grabbing items left right and centre. Pretty sure I panicked the salesgirl who was helping me; she could sense my frenzy. After so much dashing around, hitting the hay in the comfiest king bed ever was blissful before a super early flight the next morning! Seattle, thanks for charming me yet again!