Stop and Smell the Roses

brunette lace dress

brunette curl

lace white dress

helter skelter ombre hair

pale outfit

white lace dress

hand chain bracelet h&m

snakeskin palazzo

cheap monday zara

hand chain pink lipstick

wideleg sheer trousers

white lace dress platforms

girl brown curly hair

wide leg pants tshirt

zara sheer pants

pale grey tshirt
The past week or so has been heavily focused on Kendra's photography project (which will be displayed tomorrow with fellow classmates work in the Image Arts building at Ryerson). Dayle was an amazing model for all of the pictures, and the shots above in the rose garden are some of our favourites that we took. We huddled around some beautiful rose bushes in the garden at Balfour Park, outfitted Dayle in the purest, prettiest lace dress we own, and snapped some gems. Over the weekend, Dayle headed to Muskoka while Kendra stayed in the city to finish up the assignment, wearing a super comfy, loose outfit to traipse around in the heat and play photographer. Accompanied by a lovely friend who volunteered herself as a model, we headed into to the mystical Wychwood Park and became mesmerized by the old homes covered in vines, overgrown trees, and entwined foliage enveloping the old lane ways. The picturesque location made for an amazing backdrop, and in between some outfit changes, Adrianna snapped some pictures of Kendra's relaxed attire.

Dayle: Dress: H&M, shoes: Joe Fresh, Jewellery: vintage