Recently, we discovered a wonderful company that combines social responsibility and world culture with handmade jewelry, accessories, and homewares. When searching for honorably made and ethically conscious items, we often love what we come across for what it stands for, but find that the pieces themselves aren’t easily integratable with our personal styles. Luckily, however, a wonderful company, with a wonderful concept, reached out to us and suggested we take a look at their offerings. 

Lydali was founded by two friends who, after taking a trip to South East Asia, wanted to help shed some light on talented artisans from around the globe. They started their website in hopes of forming a relationship with the designers and creators of these crafted goods and the end consumer. Upon visiting their page, we were so pleased to see how beautiful and wearable all of the pieces were. Agate drusy rings would feel right at home on our digits with the rest of our jewels! A beautiful brass cuff that is both modern and stylish would pair perfectly with a minimalistic outfit. And cotton hand-woven clutches would add the ideal dosage of worldly culture to any ensemble. To our surprise, everything is also very affordable… and becomes even more so, as Lydali has generously offered our readers 10% off of any purchase made until June 16 with the code GOODASGOLD10. It’s never been more important to see where, how, and by whom your purchases were made, and Lydali makes it easier than ever to gain this knowledge. See below for our favourite picks from the site, and head over to to start shopping!