Muskoka Lakes

Long weekend is officially over guys. I hope all of you were living life to the fullest! Having one last drink when you probably shouldn't, swimming in a lake that's only 45 degrees, eating everything in sight because it's delicious and you can start a diet on Tuesday... we did it all. On Friday we got off early and just a short plane ride later (yes), we were all together up in Muskoka. Everything up there is so lush and beautiful right now. On Saturday, while we were very exhausted from the previous nights' activities, we took a leisurely hike around Gravenhurst. We found a lookout that overlooked the whole Muskoka Wharf. What an absolutley breathtaking view! Seriously, if you ever get the chance go have a picnic up there and listen to some tunes on a sunny day. It's called "Lookout Park" (go figure). We also visited the Segwun which will be in full swing in just two weeks. For those of you who aren't familiar, it's an old Steamship in Gravenhurst that runs tours of Lake Muskoka hourly. Also something to check out if you haven't before and you're up there looking for a good tour! Enough about travel and tourism though... our outfit details are posted below. Perfect day time summer outfits and we're completely obsessed with these Topshop shorts. Seriously... those pockets! Awesome.

DAYLE: Top; Topshop, shorts; Topshop, sandals; Aldo (similar), sunglasses; Topshop, necklace; Forever 21 (similar)
KENDRA: top: Topshop (similar here or here), shorts: Club Monaco (similar here or here), sunglasses: Nordstrom (here or similar here), sandals: Zara (here or similar here)