Shoo Bloggers!

This evening the forecast was predicted to be a little warmer and sunnier than it actually turned out to be, so we kept it close to home yet again! We went on a little jaunt around the Spadina and St. Clair area, and wound up in quite an affluent neighbourhood nearby. We did a little house hunting (we wish), marvelled at the neighbourhood's perfect view of both the CN Tower and the castle, and took a couple of outfit pictures. The houses were all so spectacular and impressive that, naturally, we thought they would make the best backdrops! The fear of the homeowners discovering us getting up close and personal with their properties was the only thing standing in our way. "SHOO BLOGGERS, SHOO!" they would cry as we cowered away. We could envision it all too well, so we kept our distance!
We were both favouring looks based around trousers today, although we styled them in more laid-back ways than usual. Just add a beanie or a slouchy sweater and suddenly some standard slacks take on a whole new feeling. Mesh, crop tops, and studded/fringed booties allowed for further informality!
Dayle- Sweater: Brandy Melville, top: Topshop, pants: H&M, belt: vintage, boots: vintage
Kendra - Beanie: H&M, top: vintage, pants: Topshop, boots, Zara