London Mini Travel Guide

No place like London… my 4th time visiting and I love it more and more each time, if that’s possible. The charm, the history, the birthplace of so much amazing music and fashion, the importance of high tea, the gardens, the neighbourhoods (each and every one of them for their own specific reasons), pub culture, wisteria hysteria, the royal family, the tube, the flower markets, the poshness, the grittiness. It strikes the perfect balance of everything I love! Only stayed for a few days, but felt the most at home in the city than I ever had before. It was also the first time I had visited in the spring, and was shockingly treated to some glorious weather! I stayed with my sister, who lives in South London in the cutest neighbourhood facing a huge park. She was working for part of the time I was there, so I did a lot of exploring and wandering on my own which was pretty wonderful. Going at my own pace, taking whichever street I felt like, stopping for snacks and coffee wherever I pleased. Below are some recommendations for a short stay in London!
-if you go in the spring or summer, make sure to spend time in any of the parks. Bring a little picnic, some wine, a blanket, a book, and take a few hours to relax! London has some of the prettiest parks with huge ponds, flower gardens, and old trees. I read and people-watched for a few hours one afternoon while my phone was off, and it was heavenly.
-explore the posh neighbourhoods if only to admire all of the houses. My favourites were of course Kensington/Chelsea, Notting Hill, Paddington, and Clapham
-while London is home to some seriously amazing restaurants, don’t neglect a pub dinner one night! Fish & chips all the way
-go for brunch or high tea at the Ivy Chelsea Garden! The most charming, Instagram-worthy meal and setting you can find. The garden patio is a sight to see (and be seen, I suppose). When reserving, make sure to request to sit outside if that’s where you want to be seated.
-had some other amazing brunches at Bill’s, Gail’s, Clerkenwell Grind, and Granger & Co. Also, while in Notting Hill, pop in to Farm Girl (probably the most Insta-famous café in London) for a rose latte on their pink paint-chipped table

A few other good spots I didn’t have a chance to get to this time around, but are on my list…: 
-Gigi’s – drinks
-Farmacy – brunch
-The Palomar – dinner
-Saint Aymes – lunch/brunch/coffee
-Megan’s – brunch
-by CHLOE.UK – the famous vegan spot from NYC has made its way across the pond
-Pop Brixton – day drinks
-Bourne & Hollingsworth – lunch/brunch
-Coppa Club – dinner in the winter in those cozy domes overlooking the city!