Byron Bay & Moreton Island


Spending time together on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas was short but so sweet. It is definitely somewhere that you need more than a few days to fully explore, and that's not to mention other nearby draws like Byron Bay, Burleigh Heads, and Brisbane. Sadly we weren't able to visit all of the aforementioned together, but being able to roadtrip to Moreton Island (by way of ferry) and Byron Bay together was unforgettable!

After doing a bit of research on local island destinations, we decided upon Moreton Island due to its turquoise water, Tangalooma shipwreck snorkeling site, and adorable resort huts. We narrowly avoided a storm while on the island as well as almost got taken away by the current when snorkeling, but the island feels like such a lovely tropical getaway that it was still a great day trip to take.

We took to Byron Bay like backpackers and stayed at what turned out to be actually quite a high end hostel. During our two days there we did plenty of shopping at local boutiques and found some great loot (talking Lottie Hall, Zulu & Zephyr, Bec & Bridge, a couple of much sought after double buckle belts, etc). We also had to do the hike up to the Byron Bay lighthouse which is the Easternmost point on the Australian mainland. Although the sun was reluctant to come out and play, we still were treated with stunning views, wallaby and dolphin pod sightings, and a very noteworthy fire ant bite. All in good fun. Additional tips for Byron Bay: don't try Bundaberg, do shop at 11:11 o'clock and About a Girl boutiques (and, duh, Spell & the Gypsy Collective), and DEFINITELY do grab breakfast at Top Shop on your way to the Byron Bay Lighthouse. Shoes always optional.

Melbourne, Yarra Valley, and Bondi Beach posts still to come!