Meeting my Match with TōN Cosmetics

What's your skin tone? Warm, cool? Fair, medium, dark? I shamefully had no clue about mine, and have gone through life buying lipsticks entirely randomly without giving my skin tone much thought. Outrageous, I know. Luckily, two Canadian sisters have stepped in to help us all find our perfect matches. TōN Cosmetics was launched a few months ago with the intent to help simplify finding shades that work for your skin tone. Their website guides you through a short quiz where you answer fun questions about your complexion and colouring. At the end, they show you your perfect red and nude lipstick matches. As it turns out, I am a Medium Warm skin tone and the nude and red lipsticks I received really do suit me perfectly. The lipsticks are made in Canada, are super high-quality, and are 100% cruelty-free. Right now you can find your perfect nude and red shades on, and later this year they are introducing pink lipsticks too. Can't wait to see what's next for this brand!

Elizabeth Arden's Legendary Eight Hour Cream


Well here we are in the dead of winter… the coldest one in 60 years they say! That means plenty of windburn when outdoors and cranking the heat when indoors. A perfect recipe for THE WORST SKIN EVER. This winter has legitimately been the hardest on my skin, it’s freaking out. I have horrible dryness on my forehead (make up basically just flakes off) and the most chapped lips ever (applying lip balm every 10 mins), while my chin has been breaking out like crazy. My saviour has absolutely been Elizabeth Arden’s cult favourite Eight Hour Cream… this formula has been around since 1930 and there’s a reason why it’s still hailed as a miracle solution. I’m always sceptical when trying these iconic products but this one completely lives up to the hype. I have been using the classic Eight Hour Cream liberally on my forehead and my make up is finally able to glide on with ease. Word on the street is that Kim Kardashian’s make up artist Mario Dedivanovic also uses it for an additional glow wherever highlight is applied and YES I can confirm that it looks amazing. The Eight Hour Cream is also available in an unscented version, which I far prefer as the classic scent is way too reminiscent of a dentist’s office for my liking. I’m also using the Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm which is targeted specifically for dry lips, as well as the face oil because I’m a total oil convert now. Thanking the heavens for the Eight Hour line & Langton PR for bringing my skin back to life during these frigid months! 

New Skincare Routine With Miracle 10 (Botanical Oil Concentrate + Eye Treatment)

Upping my fall skincare routine with the help of Miracle 10! The air is getting colder, the wind is picking up, days are getting shorter… all of which is having a negative impact on my skin. Miracle 10 just launched their Botanical Oil Concentrate, which I was super excited to try. I had never used any oil on my face, but had heard they can do wonders. I also tried out their Eye Treatment to see what it could do for my pesky dark under eye circles. Both products became part of my nightly skin routine. I washed my face with my usual cleanser, applied the eye treatment, applied the face oil, and then applied my night cream. Right off the bat I fell in love with the smell of both the eye treatment and the oil. Application was super easy and both products felt amazing on my skin. I could feel the soothing and hydrating effects right away. But the real magic happened overnight! My skin still looked super hydrated, glowy, and smooth, and my under eye area became firmer and brighter. I have only been using the products for 5 days so far but am super excited to see their continued positive effects on my skin!