Meeting my Match with TōN Cosmetics

What's your skin tone? Warm, cool? Fair, medium, dark? I shamefully had no clue about mine, and have gone through life buying lipsticks entirely randomly without giving my skin tone much thought. Outrageous, I know. Luckily, two Canadian sisters have stepped in to help us all find our perfect matches. TōN Cosmetics was launched a few months ago with the intent to help simplify finding shades that work for your skin tone. Their website guides you through a short quiz where you answer fun questions about your complexion and colouring. At the end, they show you your perfect red and nude lipstick matches. As it turns out, I am a Medium Warm skin tone and the nude and red lipsticks I received really do suit me perfectly. The lipsticks are made in Canada, are super high-quality, and are 100% cruelty-free. Right now you can find your perfect nude and red shades on, and later this year they are introducing pink lipsticks too. Can't wait to see what's next for this brand!

Clover & Sloane

So happy to be a part of today’s launch of Clover & Sloane - a brand new brand offering the sweetest dresses and jumpsuits. All of their pieces are so ideal for dressing up or down! I paired the Soho black jumpsuit with sneakers and a leather moto for daytime (above), and dressed the same jumpsuit up the day before with tan block-heeled booties and an oversized peacoat to go to the art gallery. The Carroll dress features my fav print of the season, cherries!!! I wore it out for a coffee date with a cozy cardigan, tights, and sock booties, though I really need it to be summer ASAP so I can wear it bare-legged with a straw hat… Clover & Sloane’s pieces feature sweet feminine details like ruffles, bows, and girly prints, done super tastefully in the most wearable styles and silhouettes. Shop now at

Fall Style with Zaful

shop fall looks.jpg

Teamed up with Zaful on a style post to make my fall looks shoppable. I have recreated all of my looks with items available on Zaful, plus you can use code brandrewardZF for 12% your entire purchase (including sale), in case you weren't tempted enough by their prices already! As you can see I have been pretty enamoured with my beret and newsboy cap so far this season. As sad as I am to say goodbye to summer, fall has been pretty fantastic so far and I have definitely felt a shift in my style towards layering and texture. Read on to see the looks and click the links below each collage to get shoppin'!

outfit collage 1.jpg
outfit collage 2.jpg
outfit collage 3.jpg
outfit collage 4.jpg

In Bloom

Back from a short hiatus! As Drake would say, “I might take a breather but I won’t ever leave you”… in this case meaning posting on Good as Gold. No matter how much time passes between blog posts, rest assured I will always come back! I hope to be 90 and taking OOTDs at the bingo hall… or whatever activity seniors are doing in the year 2080. Jet pack water aerobics? Knitting with laser light beams? Sign me up. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand! What could be better fresh content to return with than CHERRY BLOSSOMS?! Dayle and I had an annual tradition of taking blog pictures amongst the cherry blossoms at High Park every spring. When she moved to Australia for a year, I took it upon myself that year to keep the tradition alive! My boyfriend and I headed there early on a Saturday morning… and then basically turned the car right around. People everywhere. Families. Dogs. Mass chaos. Stampedes. Things being set on fire. OK maybe not the last part, but it was total mayhem and we are not fans of crowds. After that experience, I decided to avoid High Park during cherry blossom season… very sad as it is so beautiful. So, imagine my delight this year when Allie told me she came across a little cluster of cherry blossom trees in bloom near her dog park! And, BONUS, unobstructed #views of the CN tower. Naturally we headed straight over. 

It was a beautiful spring day and I had been dying to wear this new pink floral ruffle set by Toby Heart Ginger (via Princess Polly). I half wore an old denim jacket cause like… cold forearms… obviously… not just an aesthetic thing… kfineitwas. I also added some dainty gold necklaces, big gold hoops, a vintage straw clutch, anddddd to keep things cool, plain white sneaks. I’ll never tire of pairing girly things with more casual items like sneakers and oversized denim jackets. Spring is totally in the air as referenced in these pictures! We are so excited to bring you more sunny content through the summer! 

Up On The Rooftop

BIG BREATH... HEY GAG READERS! Long time no see... is what I should be saying to all of our followers who regularly check our blog. I have been completely absent for the last few months and have put all of my energy into posting pictures on Instagram and zero energy into appearing on our blog. I'm awful. BUT, that being said, Kendra has done a marvellous job filling it with aesthetically pleasing photos and outfits from Greece and the like. Anyway, I am back and in one of the best outfits I have thrown together this year! The perfect combination of coziness with my oversized chunky knit turtleneck sweater and a smooth velvet slip dress and a pair of thigh high boots to at least make it look like I'm trying to stay warm. The best part? This AMAZING ZARA bag Kendra so sweetly bought two of and gifted one to me for my recent birthday. It's a bucket bag made with velvet and embroidered with beads and chains. I have put it on the shelf with all of my other highly praised items in my closet.

But seriously.. The temps have dipped people. Coming from someone who spent the better of the last two years living in a tropical climate - I'M FREEZING MY TUCHUS OFF. So if you want to keep warm but also appear semi-stylish, the above is a good option for winter. We'll just pretend like our upper thighs aren't even cold. 



Shiny Boots of Leather

Kendra wearing: Zara olive utility duster jacket, Forever 21 grey ribbed tank, Forever 21 white skinny jeans with rips, Forever 21 suede tie choker, Forever 21 crescent moon necklace, Geox leather buckle boots

Living in Canada means (for me at least) that every fall I have to start thinking about a new winter boot. The past few years I have basically given up on trying to find anything remotely stylish because I KNOW they'll be completely destroyed due to salt and snow come winter's end. Normally I'll buy an ugly cheap pair I don't mind ruining and wear them to death while traipsing through the snow banks and slush puddles. Well, that ends this winter! Thanks to Geox I have a new pair of beautiful riding boots that will help me look like someone who actually takes pride in their appearance in the winter (hehe, is there anyone out there who doesn't let themselves go even a little bit in the frigid months?). The perfectly pointed toe, full-zipped calf, and buckle detail are all components of my ideal winter boot. Of course, this is Toronto we're talking about, so on particularly nasty days I will definitely be pulling out some old boots to battle the elements... but on days with a little less snow and ice, you'll be sure to find me in this stunning pair!

Thanks to Geox for partnering with us on this post :)

Shop the look below:

Endless Summer

Summer is almost officially over, but the heatwave has lingered long enough to feel like these photos could have been shot in this past week. In reality, these are from a few weeks ago, but who's keeping track?! Dayle and I spent an evening in Kensington market shooting summery looks and ended up at El Rey Mezcal Bar, seated on their palm tree adorned, tropical-feeling patio where we finished our night with the most refreshing beverages. 

I wore a faux suede cut-out crop top which I had been putting off wearing until I had the perfect bottom for it: high-waisted white culottes. I had to cycle through several pairs (buy, scrutinize, return, repeat) until I finally ordered these flawless babies from ASOS. I can always count on ASOS! They hit at just the right place on the calf, are the ideal high-waisted-ness, and are the purest white (absolute must). They're sold out now and admittedly out of season given it will be October in a few weeks, but I linked a similar pair below anyway, as I'm sure to be wearing mine for many spring/summers to come.

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As Seen On Me

Kendra wearing : ASOS playsuit, Forever 21 sunglasses, Zara studded flat sandals, vintage Chanel bucket bag

So I am finally coming to terms with my ASOS addiction. Despite the fact that I am inundated with duties and taxes upon receipt of every package, I just can't stop ordering! I mean, where else can you find a lacy high neck playsuit for $35 (now on sale for $20?!)? Don't answer that because I don't want to know. I am too devoted to ASOS and don't want to halt my addiction just yet. I am so happy with this playsuit purchase and loved how it paired with some studded flats and my old vintage Chanel bag that I dug out of the archives. 

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two wicked witches of the west

Kendra wearing: Zara - Shoes | Forever21  - Accessories | Band Tee & Shorts - Vintage

Dayle wearing: Shoes & Hat - Forever21 | Skirt - Topshop | Belt - About A Girl | Top - Zara

Two wicked witches of the west - that's where we're going with these vintage rock / western style festival outfits. On the hottest day of the summer (~srsly though~), we took a break at Humber Bay shores to enjoy the view of the city skyline. Feeling the vibes that Stevie Nicks was giving off in 1977 - we decided to style our outfits to inspire those in search of summer music festival fashion. Kendra has a natural talent for walking into Value Village like a magnet for all the best items, so to no ones surprise she snatched this band tee and these distressed shorts. Note, they were actually pants and this talented b.i. made them as cool as they currently are. Dayle wore something she's been yearning for since denim skirts came back on trend, a black high-waisted denim skirt with a twist-tied tee. Styling tip: this is a regular tee shirt that I just twist tied myself, 90's style. Some strappy sandals and a western double-buckle belt completed the look. Wishing you all the best with festival fashion this summer. 

*wish we were attending Osheaga this year*

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