My Suit My Way with Le Chateau

So excited to be sharing these images from Le Chateau’s “My Suit My Way” campaign this season! This was my first time working with them but I have been a fan since back when they had their Junior Girl line (who else remembers saving allll their babysitting money to spend on a new top from there?). So full circle! 

This fall, I was introduced to their suiting separates and needless to say I am absolutely in love. There is nothing more chic or put-together than a blazer, matching pantsuit, or structured dress. Chloe (@chloezhaang), Dani (@dani_girlsofto), and I were all tasked with styling 3 pieces from the Fall suiting collection (the houndstooth dress, the camel blazer, and the black blazer). Each piece was so much fun to style, I ended up doing a full camel pantsuit look for the camel blazer, a wide leg pant and teal sweater with the black blazer, and a cute ribbed cardigan with the dress. The accessories truly blew me away as well; Le Chateau’s shoe, handbag, and jewelry game is ON POINT. The accessories definitely pulled together each look to make it complete. 

Once shoot day rolled around, the girls and I arrived to realize we had all styled the camel blazer almost identically! None of us were able to resist how stunning the blazer looked with the matching pant. This was my favourite look for sure! All of the outfits looked so great yet so different on the 3 of us, proving that the pieces can complement any style and body type. We shot in the financial district with super talented photographer Chris (@mr_aznar), and he made corporate look SO cool. Obsessed with how the shots turned out, they’re a bit gritty and edgy yet still fresh, bright, and beautiful. 

Overall it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in this campaign. Thank you to Le Chateau, Chris, and the ladies at MacIntyre for having me! Styling #MySuitMyWay was so much fun!