Cabo Vacation Guide

Oooops, looks like I’m about 2 months late on this one! I could get into excuses like the holiday season being busy, getting caught up with our new house, etc., but I won’t. The point is, I’m finally getting around to a Cabo post now! Let me just preface this with saying I loveeee Cabo. It’s the exact type of getaway we needed in November, when Toronto temperatures really start dipping and all the life is sucked out of people and plants alike. We wanted somewhere we could fly to directly, that would have reliably good weather, and that had lots of nice hotel and food/drink options. Cabo ticks all of those boxes, and this past trip there made me feel like it was really giving Tulum a run for its money in terms of chic boho-luxury accommodations and restaurants, among other things. There are tons of trendy new eateries and boutique hotels, the beaches are stunning (although not usually swimmable), and it’s a Mexican destination that you feel pretty safe traveling to. I literally live to eat so was happy to make that the focal point of our trip. I did a fair amount of research and we had awesome lunch or dinner reservations most days, so you can imagine how tragic it was when I came down with a horrible sinus cold on day 3 of the trip that rendered my tastebuds entirely USELESS. All I can say is, learn from me and be a complete germaphobe on airplanes. There was a sick toddler behind me and I wish I had brought a case of Purell, endless packets of Emergen-C, and a surgical mask. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20 so I was stuck being sick and we figured it would be useless to keep a lot of our reservations since I couldn’t taste a thing and it would be money down the drain. I will include all of the places we didn’t make it to as well though, because my research rarely fails me and I’m sure all of the restaurants are amazing! See below for my Cabo recs:

-For the first half of the trip we stayed at the Westin Los Cabos. It’s closer to San Jose Del Cabo and is on a hugeeee piece of property. They also have an amazing beach that is for guest use only (surrounded by rocks so can’t be accessed by other parts of the beach). There are many pools and tons of lounge areas so you never have to worry about not getting a beach chair! For our room, we had a decent sized suite with a kitchen and living room. The food and drinks here were pretty good (the poolside nachos were unbelievable) and fairly reasonably priced as well. One thing I really liked about the Westin was that they had an on-site convenience store with a Starbucks counter in it. I still don’t know whether its safe to drink tap water at hotels in Cabo (despite many Google queries), so we were able to stock up on huge bottles of water and snacks. They sold wine and liquor too, so we bought all of our alcohol and mix here and snuck it into the Swell bottles we brought hehe. One more thing—we were there one of the few times a year they release baby turtles into the ocean! They did it at sunset and it was just the most precious and wonderful experience that had me tearing up.
-The last half of the trip was spent at the Cape, part of the Thompson hotel group. The Cape is closer to Cabo San Lucas. From the moment we arrived, everything was PERFECT (aside from my illness :|). Seriously, nothing compares to this place. They have a stretch of beach that is open to the public but just attracts local surfers as its next to a wave breaking point (or whatever they call it in surfer slang). There are two pools (amazing for people-watching and sipping drinks all day), an awesome rooftop bar, and a few great restaurants. Everything about this place is seriously flawless. The most basic room you can book is an ocean view with a private balcony. All of the rooms have funky decor, a standalone bathtub, and come with a complimentary bottle of tequila and treats once you check in. It definitely isn’t cheap, but it’s one of my favourite places I’ve stayed at and I already want to go back for my birthday next year. A couple of other tips: if we do go back, we will most definitely be stopping at a convenience store on the way in and buying like 20 huge water bottles. Bottled water is just not something I want to pay inflated Thompson-hotel prices for, and trust me it is expensive here. Most days we would go to the gym first thing in the morning and fill up huge water bottles from the water dispenser they had there, but I feel like this is probably a frowned upon practice. On another note, their breakfast is just unreal. They have a French toast dish called Cape Toast and I would legitimately go back just to eat it again. ALSO, a heads up that all of their breakfast items are part of their room service menu and are the exact same price as they are in the restaurant. We discovered this on our second last day and ordered one of everything to our room and ate it on our balcony overlooking the ocean. Finally, to conclude our magical stay, there was a wedding on the cliff beside the the hotel on our last night, and they let off some real impressive fireworks which were a nice treat on our final evening.

-Flora Farms - a family-run adorably stylish farm with tons of little upscale shops, pretty landscaping, a market, and restaurant!
-Acre Baja - new eco-resort where the accommodations are in treehouses. Went here for dinner and it was one of the coolest places I have EVER been. You drive down a dirt road for a few km, get dropped off at the front which is basically a pathway leading into the jungle, and follow the pathway through to this open-air bohemian-chic haven where there’s a bar and restaurant. The music is amazing, the drinks are fabulous, and the food was delicious. FYI, Acre and Flora Farms are right next to each other and both quite inland from the coast.
-Romeo Y Julieta - the best spot for amazing Italian food in Cabo
-Toro Latin Kitchen - a restaurant by well-known Mexican chef Richard Sandoval. Toro offers “Pan Latin cuisine”, which takes unique flavour inspiration from all of Latin America. The restaurant itself is a super stylish spot with lots of cozy seating, a huge water feature, and lots of lanterns and wood accents.
-The Office - an iconic Cabo spot right on the beach for authentic Mexican food
-Edith’s - run by same people as the Office, another great spot for an authentic Mexican experience under a canopy of trees and hanging lanterns.
-El Farallon - if you wanna ball out, this high-end restaurant is built into the cliffside at the Pedregal resort. The BEST place in Cabo to watch the sun set.
-Sunset Mona Lisa - ok maybe there are two BEST places to watch the sun set in Cabo haha. And the third is the rooftop at the Thompson (Sunset Mona Lisa is next to the Cape)

-This was my second time in Cabo, and had already done the boat cruise to Lover’s Beach and the arch. It’s definitely worth doing though, so if it’s your first time, try to make arrangements for it!
-There are two “towns” that make up Cabo as a destination. San Jose Del Cabo is more of the “old town”, it’s closer to the airport, and a lot of the newer hotels are popping up in this area. Cabo San Lucas is the main “touristy” town that is beside the arch/Lover’s Beach. CSL is more walkable and has tons of restaurant and hotel options.
-Taxis are exorbitantly expensive. I’m talking 40USD for a 20min drive. There isn’t really any way around it unless you rent a car, so just make sure to include taxi fare in your trip budget.
-On that note, everywhere takes USD and most places actually list prices in USD as opposed to pesos. There is really no need to bring pesos with you here.

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