Luxury Resale Made Easy With MCouture

Can we talk about how challenging it is to re-sell luxury/high end items? This has aggravated me for years. Apps to arrange meet-ups typically end in either the buyer or seller flaking out, stores that operate on consignment or buy items for cash on the spot are a huge hassle (and often a rip-off), and as easy as it is to donate like I do with my fast-fashion pieces, I feel like I should be able to make a bit of money back on higher end, gently used items.

As a fashion blogger, I have a pretty extensive closet, but I hate holding onto items I no longer wear and find it hugely satisfying to clean out my closet on a seasonal basis. I’ll organize the items I’m getting rid of into “throw away”, “donate”, and “sell” piles, however my “sell” items ALWAYS end up going into my storage locker because I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling them through consignment or a meet-up app. Needless to say, it’s hugely frustrating. I was recently introduced to MCouture, and I absolutely believe it is the luxury re-sell option we need in Canada.

First and most importantly, everything listed on MCouture is validated by their in-house teams and guaranteed authentic. Designer items listed are thoroughly checked for proper serial numbers and correct embossing/hardware/quality standards. So as a buyer, you can rest assured the LV logo clutch you’re eyeing is 100% authentic. They’re constantly listing new items, so I’m going to be checking the website every few days to make sure I don’t miss out on anything! There are tons of amazing designer pieces and the very best ones get scooped up quickly. You guys know how much I love a good vintage find. Extra bonus: you can track an item to see if the seller lowers the price!

mcouture clip 1.png

Now let’s talk about selling on the platform, because it couldn’t be easier and provides complete visibility on the commission you’ll make off of your items. First, you list your item, the price, and provide pictures, then the MCouture team does their due diligence to verify for authenticity and quality. Your item will be listed for sale and visible on their website within 48hrs, and you’ll receive an email to confirm when it’s posted. Once your item sells, MCouture will email you a pre-paid Canada Post shipping label and all you need to do is pack your item up and ship it! Once the buyer receives the item, you get paid via PayPal, so everything is super secure and simple. See below for commission chart:

mcouture clip 2.png

I now have no excuses for having a storage locker full of Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, etc. It’s awesome that Canadians now have such a great and hassle-free option for designer resale. Time for me to get to work and start listing, and to reward myself, maybe that LV clutch above…?!