Shine & Gold Shop

INTRODUCING: SHINE & GOLD SHOP! Opening our own Toronto-based online boutique is something we always wanted to happen and we are so excited to announce that the shop is finally live! Head over to to start shopping!

To backtrack a bit... It has been a crazy past few months for us. So many life changes have happened and somehow they have all felt as though they were happening for a reason. Blogging has been a labour of love for us over the past 4 years. We share our outfits, photography, and travels because we truly love to, even though we have both worked full-time jobs in conjunction with trying to create content and maintain our blog. We have been super grateful that lately we have been able to partner with amazing brands & companies. We definitely want to continue to do so, but having an online boutique that our fellow Canadians know they can go to for fashion forward and unique items is something that we are so excited to be able to offer in the Canadian market. As AVID online shoppers, we have become increasingly discouraged with currency rates not being in our favour, the crazy duties that we have been stuck paying, and slow shipping from other countries. We have grown our small but wonderful following due to our sense of personal style: a unique mix of edgy and feminine. We have hand-selected all of the clothing on our site and hand-made all of the chokers. We are so thrilled to be able to offer this to the Canadian market and feel like this is a natural extension to our blog. We hope you love the shop!!

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