two wicked witches of the west

Kendra wearing: Zara - Shoes | Forever21  - Accessories | Band Tee & Shorts - Vintage

Dayle wearing: Shoes & Hat - Forever21 | Skirt - Topshop | Belt - About A Girl | Top - Zara

Two wicked witches of the west - that's where we're going with these vintage rock / western style festival outfits. On the hottest day of the summer (~srsly though~), we took a break at Humber Bay shores to enjoy the view of the city skyline. Feeling the vibes that Stevie Nicks was giving off in 1977 - we decided to style our outfits to inspire those in search of summer music festival fashion. Kendra has a natural talent for walking into Value Village like a magnet for all the best items, so to no ones surprise she snatched this band tee and these distressed shorts. Note, they were actually pants and this talented b.i. made them as cool as they currently are. Dayle wore something she's been yearning for since denim skirts came back on trend, a black high-waisted denim skirt with a twist-tied tee. Styling tip: this is a regular tee shirt that I just twist tied myself, 90's style. Some strappy sandals and a western double-buckle belt completed the look. Wishing you all the best with festival fashion this summer. 

*wish we were attending Osheaga this year*

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