A Little Rusty

Dayle and I are blissfully reunited and so thrilled that we can just meet up at our convenience to shoot outfit pictures again. I must say, we really have a knack for photographing each other and capturing the best details and angles. Sharing the same blog vision really pays off! We went out to shoot one particularly frigid afternoon recently, finding little corners and walls hidden from the gale force winds that were ravaging our poor city in mid June. The cooler temps were evoking some fall feelings in me, so I thought it may be a good time to take this autumnal rust lace dress out for a spin. I fell in love with it on ASOS back in February and never got the chance to wear it during the winter. I wasn’t sure I’d wear it during the summer due to the deeper colour, but the perfect opportunity presented itself on this chilly, fall-like day. The lace and billowy sleeves definitely needed to be paired with something a little edgier, so of course I turned to my faithful buckled Kobe Husk biker booties. And then the hair... Dayle and I both have quite the affinity for a nice half bun. It’s the best of both worlds! Your hair is up and off of your face, but still down and flowin’. Naturally, we were both sporting this do when taking pictures and I guess I can see why even my mother has difficulty telling Dayle and I apart in photographs. Throw a pair of sunnies on us and we admittedly are kind of identical. Oops. Should one of us get a bleach blond mullet? I vote Dayle!!

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