In True Queenslander Style

I'm going to let you in on a little secret - though I've enjoyed Australia (who wouldn't?) it has been SO DIFFICULT to be away from Kendra whilst keeping this blog alive! We really do feed off each other. Although my partner puts forth an admirable effort to be the most supportive person in the world, taking photos of outfits does not make him the least bit stoked. No surprise there. But since we had the absolute pleasure of staying in a 'Queenslander-style' Airbnb in Brisbane this past weekend (for his birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY XX), I begged to do some blogging. If you are in Australia and you have NOT visited Brisbane, you are missing OUT. I am now the preacher for this city and it's beautiful streets lined with ancient trees and equally as ancient Queenslander-style homes. There is SO much to do and see. I almost love it as much as Melbourne and definitely more than Sydney. Moving on, this multiway dress I snagged from Dissh Boutiques has been hanging in my closet for ages and I've been anxious to get it on the other side of the lens. I am so happy to see more multifunctional dresses/playsuits/bodysuits appearing in stores because of their practicality. You can literally wrap these things 50 different ways (or more for those of you creative minds) and it will feel new and different every time. Here I have wrapped it two different ways, but honestly if you google 'Multiway Dress' and find a how-to, you'll be overloaded with ideas. 

Also since there is no time like the present I will make an announcement. Ahem, KENDRA AND I WILL BE REUNITED IN CANADA AT THE END OF MAY! can't. hardly. wait.