Nothin But Blue Skies

Since we've been a little light on posts lately, I figured I would toss up this forgotten-about outfit from a chilly day last October. With the current weather as horrid as it is, it seems pretty plausible that this outfit could have been from a blustery day this past week... YOO HOO, spring?! Do join us here in Toronto. I will say that I do love this look just as much as I did 6 months ago. White-on-white will forever be my jam, and this bomber jacket paired so spectacularly with these flowing trousers I picked up at Pull & Bear in France a few years ago. Don't even get me started on these unbelievable Forever 21 d'orsay stilettos. So sleek, but SO high. I topped everything off with a black hat and let some wisps of hair escape my ponytail to create a look that my boyfriend deemed absolutely ridiculous, and then stated, "If I saw someone dressed like you on the street I would be like WTF." LOL! Good thing we all dress for ourselves and not men, huh?? He then proceeded to take some pretty great photos so all was forgiven!