Up On The Rooftop

BIG BREATH... HEY GAG READERS! Long time no see... is what I should be saying to all of our followers who regularly check our blog. I have been completely absent for the last few months and have put all of my energy into posting pictures on Instagram and zero energy into appearing on our blog. I'm awful. BUT, that being said, Kendra has done a marvellous job filling it with aesthetically pleasing photos and outfits from Greece and the like. Anyway, I am back and in one of the best outfits I have thrown together this year! The perfect combination of coziness with my oversized chunky knit turtleneck sweater and a smooth velvet slip dress and a pair of thigh high boots to at least make it look like I'm trying to stay warm. The best part? This AMAZING ZARA bag Kendra so sweetly bought two of and gifted one to me for my recent birthday. It's a bucket bag made with velvet and embroidered with beads and chains. I have put it on the shelf with all of my other highly praised items in my closet.

But seriously.. The temps have dipped people. Coming from someone who spent the better of the last two years living in a tropical climate - I'M FREEZING MY TUCHUS OFF. So if you want to keep warm but also appear semi-stylish, the above is a good option for winter. We'll just pretend like our upper thighs aren't even cold.