Shiny Boots of Leather

Kendra wearing: Zara olive utility duster jacket, Forever 21 grey ribbed tank, Forever 21 white skinny jeans with rips, Forever 21 suede tie choker, Forever 21 crescent moon necklace, Geox leather buckle boots

Living in Canada means (for me at least) that every fall I have to start thinking about a new winter boot. The past few years I have basically given up on trying to find anything remotely stylish because I KNOW they'll be completely destroyed due to salt and snow come winter's end. Normally I'll buy an ugly cheap pair I don't mind ruining and wear them to death while traipsing through the snow banks and slush puddles. Well, that ends this winter! Thanks to Geox I have a new pair of beautiful riding boots that will help me look like someone who actually takes pride in their appearance in the winter (hehe, is there anyone out there who doesn't let themselves go even a little bit in the frigid months?). The perfectly pointed toe, full-zipped calf, and buckle detail are all components of my ideal winter boot. Of course, this is Toronto we're talking about, so on particularly nasty days I will definitely be pulling out some old boots to battle the elements... but on days with a little less snow and ice, you'll be sure to find me in this stunning pair!

Thanks to Geox for partnering with us on this post :)

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