Miami Cliffs

Wearing: Luck & Trouble Talltale Playsuit | Lipstik Flats | H&M Jewellery | Vintage Hat

Happy Saturday! I'm feeling extra enthusiastic about the weekend this time around. It could be because I start my final semester on Monday and at the end of it there will be graduation celebrations and hot summer weather. Don't ya just love turning a new page? On another note, It seems I'm drawn to taking photos near cliffs lately. I just can't help myself, they're all so aesthetically pleasing and I don't have beaches like this at home so I just feel the need to capture them. I'm longing for days where the weather is scorching hot and I can lay out a blanket and post up in one of these spots all. day. long. This playsuit was one I picked up when I was browsing the Universal Store outlet. It was a fraction of the cost that they are offering it for on the website which gives me a huge sense of self satisfaction. Who doesn't love bargains? I paired it with pointed cutout flats and a felt fedora which was no match for the wind on this particular day. It would also look great with a black leather western inspired belt. A belt in which I am keeping my eyes peeled for. Have a great weekend friends!

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