Hi From Bondi

Wearing: Forever 21 Boyfriend Jeans | White Closet Sweater | Lipstik Flats | H&M Belt

I'll admit it. When I planned to visit Sydney with my boyfriend and his parents, I closed my eyes and envisioned bathing suits, sunnies, sangria and sun tanning. I chose to be blind to the fact that July in Australia means winter and convinced myself that the Canadian blood running through my veins was enough to keep me warm. So when I pulled out my carry-on size suitcase, I browsed my closet and selected a few dresses and playsuits that would look perfect with my black Lipstik flats and a wide brim fedora. The moment I got off the plane I was filled with regret. I had no idea that frost could develop on windows in Sydney. WTF. Good thing I brought one sweater and a pair of jeans (sort of). My amateur packing aside, the scenery in Sydney was absolutely stunning. I've missed the buzz of city life. Our first day there was right out of a "What to do in Sydney" tour guide. We spent the day walking around Paddy's market downtown, took the train over to Bondi Beach and had afternoon drinks at Icebergs, then went to dinner in the harbour and saw a show at the Sydney Opera House. Bondi itself is a place I have dreamt of visiting for a long time. The infamous pictures of the Icebergs lap pool were enough to have the travel bug inside of me clawing to get out. Even though we were only there for a few short hours, and I wasn't in a bathing suit, it was absolutely perfect. This outfit wasn't anything spectacular, a pair of boyfriend jeans and a warm sweater. I do however love the chunky cable knit, turtle neck trend that's happening over here. I'll only need it for a few more weeks until the Australian heat starts to swarm in but let me tell ya, this will be perfect to cuddle up in when I return to Canada in the winter months. BRB Bondi, see you in the summer time.

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