One of my main hesitations when assessing items in my closet to donate is “what if I find the perfect match to this piece AFTER I get rid of it!?” A horrific thought, I’m aware. This wasn’t yet the case with the two above items, but I fear that it may have become their fate had I not joined them in holy matrimony with this outfit. I have had both the frill crop and scalloped skirt for about a year and hadn’t gotten around to wearing either. Not because I didn’t like them, but because I hadn’t found their PERFECT MATCH yet. Is that preposterous? Quite possibly, but this is how my brain works when it comes to clothing. I digress. When trying on different outfits recently, these two items found their way into the same look and just seemed to make so much sense together, especially when dressed down a bit with Vans and a backwards cap. I’m not sure if it was their decorated hemlines, natural beige tones, cropped lengths, or a combination of all, but a sartorial match was indeed made. Victorious feels ensued.